How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?

Quickly calculate the cost of creating your app by responding to these simple questions.

How much does it cost to create an app?

Yeeply created this calculator to estimate the cost to develop an app. With this tool, you can easily discover how much it would cost to create a mobile app.

All you have to do is click on the "Start" button and fill out the questions that appear on the screen. Answering these will help to calculate the approximate price to build the app that you have in mind.

Something important to take into account is that the average price to develop an app depends on many factors. For example, building an application for the Android OS is not the same as developing it for iOS. But there are many more factors that affect the price. Such as the functionalities, required technologies, the design, etc.

Let's dive into the main aspects that have a direct influence on the final price of a mobile application!👇

What aspects determine the price of an app?

Below we've listed the main factors that affect the cost to develop an application:

  • Deadlines. First of all, it's important to determine the timeline of your project. If you're in a hurry, it's probably going to cost you a bit more. If that's not the case, regular prices can be applied. However, it's essential to have a clear planning before the project starts to make sure your development team and you have aligned expectations.
  • Features. Like mentioned before, the price of your app depends for a big part on the functionalities you want it to have. Also, the complexity of each feature and the time to develop it can affect the final cost of your project. Think of the sign-up process, for example. Do you want the user to do this with a username and password or use a social media channel instead? Another example is a chat function, a check-out process, payment options, etc.
  • Launch costs. If your app will be available to anyone (B2C), you'll need to ensure that people know about its existence. In other words, you'll have to invest in marketing strategies and actions. On the one hand, to position your application in the app stores (ASO). And on the other hand, to convert your target audience into frequent users. Besides, if you also have a website to promote your application, you'll have to invest time and effort in SEO. Although these are not direct app development costs, they still need to be taken into account.
  • Design. Don't forget about the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of your mobile app. Think of the navigation, graphic design, images etc. If the visual aspect of your app is how you want to stand out from the crowd, you'll probably have to invest more money in it.
  • Publishing costs. Did you know that you have to pay for making your application available on app stores? If you want to upload it to the Apple App store, you'll have to pay an annual fee. For the Google Play Store, you'll only have to pay a one-time fee for your first app. If you want to publish another app in the future, you can do so for free.
  • Maintenance. This doesn't only imply fixing bugs but also making room for continuous improvement. Besides, you can decide to add new features or optimize your app to make it work better on different devices (such as iPad). For all of this, you'll need technical support from developers.

The cost to develop an app based on its type

Every type of app development has its own cost. In this sense, there are multiple options to choose from:

  • Web apps. These apps are very versatile because they can be accessed by web browsers, without installing any app on your device. They are popular right now because they work on every device and are quick and not expensive to develop. On the other hand, they could have problems accessing the mobile phone's hardware (like the camera or GPS).
  • Native apps. Native apps are applications specifically designed for an operating system, like iOS or Android. This kind of apps works considerably better than all the other types because they are perfectly adjusted to their OS. However, if you need an app for both operating systems, you'll need to carry out two different development processes, that will mean more time and more money spent.
  • Cross-platform apps. These apps are developed once and work on several operating systems. The code produced is the same for all the versions, therefore they are relatively less expensive than native apps. However, due to their hybrid nature, they are usually slower and could have some limitations in accessing the hardware of the mobile device.

The perfect kind of app doesn't exist. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and, according to your choice, the price can vary considerably.

The best would be to choose the type of app according to future use. For instance, if you need an app that only a limited number of persons will use, perhaps the best choice is to develop a cross-platform app. It's usually the most popular choice for companies' internal apps. Instead, if you need an app for a big target audience, then opt for a native app, even if it's more expensive.

If you want to know more about how to create an app, read this step by step guide from our blog.

The cost of building an app according to its OS

How much does it cost to make an app based on its OS? Keep in mind that there are different operating systems in the market which is an important aspect to consider when developing an app for your business. In other words, choosing which devices you want your app to run on is fundamental.

Creating an application for different operating systems (e.g. Android or iOS) is not the same because the prices are different. Besides, the cost to develop an app that works on several operating systems is different as well. Here is some advice to help you make a decision.

If you have a company, considering the costs is important, especially in the long-run. Therefore, it would be better to develop an app that works on different operating systems. It will prevent you from having the burden of new costs in the future.

In other words, if you create an app for iOS and Android now, the costs to develop it will be lower than developing the same app for a second OS in the future.

However, remember that app developers charge differently according to the operating system they are working on. Developing a native app for iOS has a different price than developing a native app for Android. iOS developers are usually more expensive than Android developers. Moreover, freelancers are normally cheaper to hire rather than development companies.

How long does it take to build an app?

App development is not a quick process. It takes time. First of all, there are a lot of things that you have to choose, like the technologies, the type of app, kind of development, etc. Consequently, the next stage would be creating the design of the app. It always starts with defining some mock-ups and wireframes. Once the graphic look of the app is ready, an expert developer will start the coding process. Eventually, you'll have to test it and fix the bugs.

There are many factors that influence the duration of app development. One of the most important is certainly the complexity of the app itself. However, it is estimated that on average a developer takes around 18 weeks to conclude the development of an app.

Sometimes, you can have some deadlines that have to be absolutely met. In this case, require a work calendar from your developer or development team. It should cover all the stages of the project. This way, you will be able to keep track of the work that the professionals are carrying out and whether all the deadlines are met.

Is offering your application for free a viable option?

Always check your competition. If the stores have similar apps that are already free, then you should choose this option as well.

Even if your app is free, you'll still have the possibility of getting a return from it. For example, you can use advertising, especially those that are more appealing for your target audience.

If you want to use a paid approach, you'll have to justify why users should spend money to get access to your app. You can explain it in the description of the app directly in the store. People need to understand what makes you stand out from the crowd and why they should opt for your paid app.

What are the advantages of creating an app for your company?

There are many reasons for doing so, and maybe you have already thought about one of these:

  • To digitalize or to implement an integrated internal management system in your company. For example, if you have some processes that are still paper-based, or if you need to coordinate all your business procedures in one system that centralizes all the phases.
  • If you need an automatic system to let your customers book appointments. This way, you can focus on your main activities without wasting time on other side tasks.
  • To add value to your customers and your company. Having an app is always perceived as very professional and closer to your customers.

Can an application solve internal business problems?

The answer is yes. In the last years, apps have proven to be a solution for many daily challenges at businesses. They also facilitate communication between companies and possible clients. This aspect can bring many benefits to enterprises.

Do I need an application for my enterprise?

If you want your business to become or remain successful, it's important to become aware of your current/future problems. Apps proved to be an effective way to overcome challenges.

Before you decide on your budget for the app, it can be useful to take a look at your direct competitors. Maybe they already have apps for managing processes and services which could be suitable for your business as well.

Internal business apps are common these days and having one for your business could enhance efficiency in your company. Undertaking analysis and research helps you to detect your needed specifications better which finally helps to create a more realistic budget for the development.

Solutions are best created on the individual issues you want to solve. This analysis offers solutions that help eliminate several problems.




Slow reporting Management app Manage reports
Abandoned purchases and short visits on mobile devices M-commerce app Increase sales from mobile devices
Organisation of shifts and inefficient vacations Internal communication More effective organisation
Slow internal communications across different channels Instant messaging Centralised and homogeneous communication
Few customers decide to make a second purchase User loyalty Get returning customers
Slow customer invoice generation Complimentary customer service Automatically send invoices to customers
The brand is not perceived as modern or innovative Branding app Improve brand image- more innovative and mobile
The necessity to continuously train workers In-house training app Offer short courses through the app to train workers
Other Consultancy to find a tailor-made solution Create a custom mobile app project

Possibilities to realize your app development project

We hope that we could give you a first idea of how much an application can cost and what development type you will need. Are you ready for the next steps? Let us take a look at your options, to begin with, the app development process.

You can use app design tools, some of them even offer free versions. The learning curve can be relatively easy, especially compared to coding from zero. But the truth is that the final version of these apps does not appear professional. However, you can use these apps to create first drafts of your app like mockups, wireframes and/or prototypes.

Do you want to let your app become successful while using your resources efficiently? Then you should always count on development experts. There are three main possibilities to go with, but before you can make a decision you should also know the different profiles that are involved in the whole process.

Of course, it is important to hire a skilled developer, but there are also many other profiles that you need to launch your app successfully on the market.

The first step of app development is not the development itself, it is the design of the app. A design team is responsible for setting up the visual characteristics. We're not just talking about the static design but also about the UX/UI (User Experience and User Interface). These ensure that your app is user-friendly, which means the navigation is convenient for the user.

Once the design is set, the development team can start their work. Take into account that not every developer can create every type of app. There are many programming languages and development types and every single one of them is different. This means you shouldn't just look for a developer, but for one with relevant expertise in your area.

When your app is developed it's time to launch it. If it's a BC2 app, it's crucial to get many people to download it. How? With a good marketing strategy, including SEO, ASO, advertisement campaigns etc. You might need help from a professional marketing team for this.

As we already mentioned above, there are three possible places where these required profiles can be found. All of them differ in terms of the average app cost.

First Possibility: Platforms to hire freelancers

If you're planning to do a rather small app project, hiring a freelancer could be a good option. There are various platforms where you can find a developer that fits your needs. Just make sure to check the references people have written lately on these platforms.

The good thing about hiring a freelancer is that they are often competitive in prices. Nevertheless, there are also some disadvantages you should take into account. Due to a high offer of developers, there's a lot of competition. This often results in cheap pricing to attract more customers but can influence the quality of the final app.

Moreover, on these platforms, every developer works for himself. So, in case you need a team of developers, it will be your responsibility to manage them. How can you know beforehand if they will work collaboratively together? And are you experienced in managing a development team? If this is not the case, you don't have to worry, there are two options left.

Second Possibility: App Dev Companies

An app dev company focuses solely on the creation of apps. This way, you can make sure to find one that has the required resources. Normally, these companies/agencies are not as competitive in prices as freelancers but they bring other benefits to consider.

Firstly, you will work with an existing team, which makes the coordination process easier and helps you to save time that you can invest in supervising the project or focus on the necessary steps after the development. Secondly, the verification of the team is more reliable since you can require previous works from them to check. However, choosing this option also requires a higher investment.

Third Possibility: Tech Marketplaces

Ever heard about tech marketplaces like Yeeply? These are platforms that take various development teams into account and choose the most appropriate expert(s) for your project. It works as follows:

  • Access our platform and describe your project to us. Every detail is useful and helps us to determine your needs.
  • Our team puts you in contact with one (or more) experts that match your requirements considering technical specifications, timing and budget.
  • After that, the expert will get in touch with you and will send you a cost estimation. If everything fits, you and the team can start collaborating. In case you're not happy with the proposal, we can always connect you with an alternative team.

The good thing about our way of working is that the process doesn't require a lot of your time. We take care of choosing a reliable team for your project since our experts need to pass our certification procedure. After that, our algorithm helps us to find the profiles that fit your requirements.

Yeeply is a platform to connect you with different experts from all tech areas. No matter what services you need, we can find a team that suits your requirements.

Carry out your app project with Yeeply

If you decide to start with your project, you can access our platform via this link and give us a brief description of your project. It only requires a few minutes of your time.

Once you have published it, we will get in contact with you to solve your doubts and guide you if necessary. You can rely on the expertise that we've gained from years of experience. Developing an app is one of our core businesses and we are experts in making ideas turn into reality.

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