How Much Cost to Make an App?

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What level of quality are you looking for?
Thinking of a Minimum Viable Product or already a full app? Pick your quality level!

Optimal quality

Good price-quality ratio

I am not interested in much quality

What kind of App do you need?
Select devices and operating systems where you want your app running!

Android application

iPhone application

Windows application

Android & iPhone Application

How would you like your App to be designed?
Does your app need to be designed from the scratch? Just need a re-design or simple interface? Pick your option!

Simple interface

Custom interface

Replicated web interface

No need for a design

How would you like to make a profit from your App?
Select the way your app is going to monetize: Ads, paid download, In-App purchases?

App advertising

Paid App

In-app purchases

Other / Do not know yet

Does your App require a login system?
Choose which way users are going to access your app.

Yes, through social networks & email

Yes, with just email

Login is not required

Do not know yet

Will your App need to be integrated with a website?
Mark if your app will need to connect to a website in order to gather data.



Do not know yet

Will the users of the App need to create their own profiles?
Let us know if users of your mobile application may need to create personalized accounts.



Do not know yet

Will the App require an admin panel?
Admin panels allows you to track data, send push notifications, etc.



Do not know yet

How many languages would like your App to be in?
Pick multiple languages if you plan to target several markets with your app.

A single language



What stage is your project in?
Select the phase of your app project so we could guess how much help you need.

It is just an idea

Sketch prepared

App in development

App is already done

Estimated cost

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How do we estimate the costs?

The price you see is just an estimate based on the number of hours required to develop the project, and the hourly rate corresponding to the desired quality.

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