How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?

Quickly calculate the cost of creating your app by responding to these simple questions.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?

The calculator was launched six years ago by Yeeply to allow users to calculate the price for developing a mobile application.
In less than a minute, you can get an estimated cost of the app you want to create.
Now that we´ve entered a digital age, companies need more than just a website for their business. They want to go beyond by creating a mobile application. For that, the right technology is required.
For the small and medium enterprises among us, remember it´s not too late to catch up and join the other companies!

Why does my company need an application?

The reasons can be very diverse, but you may have considered one of the following:

  • It is possible that in your company there exists some internal management through different tools or even in paper format. You could think of an app that helps to coordinate your business in an easy and centralized way.
  • If your clients have to make an appointment to be attended, an app is a good solution. It will make your job easier and at the same time, it will save you time without having to be attentive to the phone.
  • A third reason could be that you may want to develop an application simply to give added value to your company and customers.

Can an app be the solution to a problem?

Yes, for a few years now, applications have become a solution to many day-to-day issues. Besides, apps are a very direct communication channel between companies and potential customers. You have to take advantage of its success.

How much does it cost to make an app?

To calculate the price of an application we must differentiate between two factors.


  • Time: Depending on the deadlines the cost may or may not increase. If you need the app before a specific date and the developer works overtime the price will go up a bit. On the other hand, if you're more flexible and you're not in a hurry at all, a deadline can be adjusted and the development cost will be more adjusted.
  • Quality: The more functionalities the app contains, the more development work it will need. All the details will end up the way you wanted, but obviously, the cost will go up if the design requires more effort.


They go hand in hand with the functionalities of the application, in other words, what your app does.

  • Registration: It is not the same to log in to an app with an email and password, as to log in with a social network such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • Messaging: It does not cost the same to chat in real time, send simple messages or send multimedia content.

How do I find out if my business needs an application?

For your business to be successful, be aware that the first thing you need to do is to detect problems. An app could be a useful way to solve an issue.
Regardless of the cost of the application, you should conduct a study of the competition. Look, for example, if they have applications to manage different services that still process offline.
Nowadays there are many managerial apps and maybe a personalized one can add value to your company. This stage of analysis will help you to better define your project and thus the budget for the development of the app will be more realistic.
Depending on the problem, you will look for one solution or another. These are some of those solutions that could serve as an example:




Slow reporting Management app Manage reports
Abandoned purchases and short visits on mobile devices M-commerce app Increase sales from mobile devices
Organization of shifts and inefficient vacations Internal communication More effective organization
Slow internal communications across different channels Instant messaging Centralized and homogeneous communication
Few customers decide to make a second purchase User loyalty Get returning customers
Slow customer invoice generation Complimentary customer service Automatically send invoices to customers
The brand is not perceived as modern or innovative Branding app Improve brand image- more innovative and mobile
The necessity to continuously train workers In-house training app Offer short courses through the app to train workers
Other Consultancy to find a tailor-made solution Create a custom mobile app project

Which operating system should I choose for my app?

When you think about developing an app to improve your business, you should be aware of the different operating systems and choose the kind of devices you want your app to run on.
It is not the same to create an application for Android as it is for iOS or Windows Phone because it will cost differently. The price will also vary if you consider the app to work on several operating systems. However, we can advise you about the cost to make it easier for you to make a final decision.

What kind of app does my company need?

When you decide to create an application for your company, we suggest developing one that is able to run on any operating system. In the end, the expense may be a little higher, but you will avoid a future cost. For example, it will cost you less to develop an app for Android and iOS at once rather than create one first and the second one later. Furthermore, it should be clear what kind of app you want to create:

  • Native application
  • Web application
  • Interpreted Application

Read this step by step guide on our blog, where we explain you what you need to know about how to create an app

Free or paid application?

This is a question that usually concerns companies that want to launch an app.
If you create a tool similar to an existing one that is free, it is not recommended to charge for downloading your application.
A free app can open many doors for you. With advertising, you can finance it. Look for ads that are interesting to your target audience.
If you decide to go for a paid app, you have to explain - in the description of the online store where the application is available - why users have to pay for it. They need to know what sets you apart from the rest so that they pay for your app instead of downloading the one from your competitor.

How long does it take to develop an application?

The average time to develop a mobile application is 18 weeks. However, how long the exact development process will take depends on many factors. You should keep in mind that it possibly deviates from the mentioned timeslot when taking into account the number of operating systems, type of app and the quality of the design.

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